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Bob Ewell from the Film
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Physical Appearance: White, old, unclean, not well kept.

Personality: Racist, aggressive, redneck, confident, stubborn, self-centered

The photo on the right is Bob Ewell taunting the size of Jem Finch's erect penis. He claims the representation is life-size and to-scale.

Bob Ewell is a Racist and injust human being with few morals. He is an antagonist and plays the role of the villan. He is a misogynist too! 

Dominating ChaptersEdit

Bob Ewell particularly dominates the story during the trial and when he tries to kill the Finch children. In Both chapters he is represented as evil or at least a negative character. A technique used to make people dislike Bob is his words. Calling everyone who defends black people “Nigger Lovers”. The way his words are simple and always arrogant or racist, makes us realise that Bob is a character we should dislike.

“I’m real sorry that they picked you to defend that nigger that raped Mayella. I don’t know why I didn’t kill him myself instead of goin to the sheriff. That would have saved you and sheriff and the taxpayers’ lots of trouble...”

-Bob Ewell, to Atticus. implying that black people should be killed and not be given a trial, which tells us how racist he is.
===Death and Symbolism===

Bob Ewells death is symbolic with Tom's death, Boo Radley, another "Mockingbird" is saved from a probably mistrial (much like The Trial of Tom Robinson) by Sheriff Heck Tate.


“What kind of man are you?”

-Bob Ewell, to Atticus. Implying that Atticus is “not right” defending a black man for justice.

“I may not be much, Mr. Finch, but I’m still sheriff of Maycomb County. And Bob Ewell fell on his knife”

-Sheriff Tale, to Atticus, keeping it secret that Boo killed Bob Ewell and not killed himself to save another Mockingbird (Boo).
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