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Dill Harris


Original name Charles Baker Harris, was introduced at the age of seven of being the nephew of the neighbor,Rachel Haverford. His reasoning in running away from his guardians was not because of abuse nor poverty, but from neglect from the lies his guardians promised to him about doing family activities. Similar to Scout, Dill uses a nickname instead of his given name. He is also known for He has a neat sense of humor and his lying is explained when his home life is revealed to the reader.==


His height gave the impression of being younger, as seen with his first appearance.


He is known for his ignorance, along with the other children, of the actual conflicts and villain's motivation throughout the novel, such as Boo Radley's past. Early on in the novel, after he makes friends with the Finch children, he proposes to Scout in attempt to marry her after they both grow old enough. He is seen sometimes kissing Scout on occasion, but also acting like normal friends when playing together. He forgot his proposition to Scout later in the novel after bonding with Jem after his arrival after the next school year. (NOT FINISHED, SOMEONE EDIT) His proposal could be seen as puppy love.


Platonic love towards Scout, or otherwise known as his childhood sweetheart. Philia love is shown with Jem for mutual friendship towards eachother.


"Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to..."

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