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Character Profile - Dill HarrisEdit

Charles Baker "Dill" Harris was a young boy from Meridian, Mississippi who spent his summers in Maycomb during the 1930s. He is the boy who Scout is engaged to during the novel. He is known for telling wild stories. Later in the novel it is revealed that his parents don't pay much attention to him which may be the cause for his stories, an attempt to get the attention he doesn't get at home , but he does get attention from Atticus's asshole ;) --- hence his name being Dill ;) Kinky Isnt it? ;)

Dill is likely based upon Lee's close friend Truman Capote. 

Physical Appeance:

Dill is described as being small, with light hair and light eyes. "Hair was snow white and stuck to his head like duckfluff"


Charles Baker "Dill" Harris
HellonerdAdded by Hellonerd
Dill is of a different sort. One could characterize him as full of himself and a liar. He has a neat sense of humor and his lying is explained when his home life is revealed to the reader, he is a black man who likes men.

Dill claims that Durex's Longer Lasting condoms are the best on the market in Chapter 3. He says that they "make it so you stay harder longer" and "they slide in just fine" (35). There have been times that he's double-wrapped because he busts way too quickly. Tom Robinson eventually kills Dill at a drug deal and steals the 3 dollars in his wallet. 

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