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Dill Harris

Originally names XXX_DillIzzaPussyDestroyer_XXX, Dill was introduced at the age of seven of being the nephew of the neighbor Rachel Haverford. His reasoning in running away from his guardians was due to the fact that his parents couldn't handle the fact he was questioning his sexuality. Similar to Scout, Dill uses a stick instead of a vibrator. He is also known for having a 4.69 K/D in Black Ops 2 and smoking himself a daily blunt, along with impregnating butterscotch babes on a daily basis.


His face is shown giving him the appearance of being a stoner, which he is. He also has some squirrel-like buckteeth.


He is known for his ignorance due to the fact he is an MLG quickscoper. His K/D gives him the confidence of a gorilla, which he uses to pick up chicks. 


He has a 8 inch meatsword for getting to 2nd base with girls.


"U wot m8?"

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