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Jem Finch is Scout Finch's brother. He is four years the senior of Scout Finch. Starting the events of the book when he was 10 and goes up to when he was almost 13.

As the events of the book goes on, he acts more like the average grown up and is shown on a couple of moments to not be a fan of injustice, as shown with his reactions to learning that the court found Tom Robinson guilty of raping Mayella Ewell simply because of his black skin color.

He broke is arm in a tussle with Bob Ewell, and was saved by Boo Radley.

examples include:

‘His face was streaked with angry tears.’-Chapter 22, after the trial. It shows us his sense of justice.

‘...I watched the spark of fresh adventure leave his eyes.’-Chapter 8, after Boo Radley put a blanket on Scout. This shows us his wide imagination and his huge curiosity.

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