These letters to the editors are completely not cannon to the story of To Kill A Mockingbird. They are written by a student for a school assignment. They are supposed to be written by different characters about a number of different things.

Bob EwellEdit

I'm Writing about all the Black people in this here town.

Atticus FinchEdit

I have decided to write this letter to express why I chose to defend a black man, Tom Robinson in court today. Tom Robinson is obviously innocent, and I don't see how he could of done such a thing. It is an outrage that people like Tom Robinson are treated with such hostility in this day of age. I only wish that society will be more kind to Black people, treat them more equal.

Scout FinchEdit

I am writing this letter after seeing my dad's court case today. Everyone seems to treat Colored people real bad, Atticus seems to think that we shoud'nt do this. Tom Robinson seems like a nice man, he doesn't seem like he could do such a thing to Ms Ewell.

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